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Me and the Boys…

With Big Sis at school everyday, I’m trying to find ways to keep me and “boys” enjoying life. With all the needs of a new baby (especially one who LOVES being cuddled and held as much as our new one does…) I want to make sure Big Brother is occupied and feeling the love.  He is SO easy going and would play by himself all day if I let him, so I have to be extra careful to make sure he’s not overlooked…

Today we packed up lunch and headed out back up to the “club house” for a picnic lunch. We laughed and enjoyed our time together.  Just 20 minutes but so worth it!



So…its been a whirlwind of a week- lots of diapers, a little less sleep, a 6lb package of love changed our world yet again.  I know only weeks ago I was wondering how I’d fall in love yet again- and then it happened- I saw his face.  And I’ll never be the same.  Jackson has made our lives that much more complete. And maybe because I know this is the last one (FOR SURE.) I’m savoring every moment and not rushing back into the race of life quite so quickly.  

In Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech he says a line that I’ve been thinking about today.  He dreams of a day where his children will be judged by the “content of their character”…That phrase has been ringing in my ears. Content of their character.   

What does this have to do with anything? 

People reveal the content of their character in so many ways.  Mostly though- the true content is exposed when they have no idea its even happening.  This last week my husband has revealed his character in ways he’ll never know.  Little things that speak volumes.  Extra care with the big kiddos, tough conversations, love and appreciation for his family (inlaws and all), encouragement and care for me, generosity, selflessness- a million little things that expose what is in his heart.  Of course perfection is not a reality and I would never even want that- but the man, the heart that lies within- is golden to me.  For this I am really thankful.


My heart is full.

Jackson Wade Larson

Born 4:21pm on Friday, October 17th

6lbs 7oz

20″ long

We are so blessed. 

Seems Like Old Times

I used to have this thing when I worked full time. Whenever a vacation would come up I’d have a LONG day before I left the office. I’d have to catch up on EVERYTHING I felt would be out of my control while I was away. It was kind of stressful and usually led me to being super tired the first few days of my vacations. Well…tonight feels like that except tomorrow I’m not going on vaction…no…I’m supposed to be popping out a kid. We’ll see if all the stars align and its meant to be tomorrow but if it’s not…then I will be chillin’ in a spotless house with all my work done, meals cooked for the future, clean bathed kids, dog, husband, even car- smelling fresh. So let’s just pray that I DO get to git-r-done tomorrow because if I spend one day watching all my work get undone, I may not be a very nice person.  

Pray for me!

I've got good news and bad news.

Good News?

We decided on a baby name!!!! I’m 99.9% sure we found a name that works for our family.

Bad News?

We’re not telling you until we’re holding him in our arms. Honestly…we’ve got so many people with strong opinions we just want to be able to introduce him to you- and then…you’ll be so enamored by his cuteness (or alien-likeness as most newborns have…) that you’ll forget that it may not be your favorite name.

So until then…

And that's a wrap…

It’s official. Heard word from my doctor that we’re all cleared for take off next Friday.  

This is officially my last week of being pregnant…ever!

The Fairy Visits.

So we were out to dinner with some friends last night and it happened.  I knew it was coming…I wasn’t sure I was ready for it…but…ready or not…she lost it.  And judging by the size of the gap the poor girl will probably have teeth as big as mine!

PS. So at 1:50am last night my home phone rings and I wake out of a sound sleep to get it.  I hate phonecalls like that. (They’re usually not good news…) So my heart is pounding and its my Mom on the other end. She’s all frantic asking, “What’s going on? Are you having the baby?”

And I’m so confused. “What?! No. I’m sleeping.”  

So she says, “I just got a text from you- a picture text and I can’t open it!”  

Apparently the picture I sent at dinner to announce the missing tooth went through in the middle of the night waking her up making her think I was in labor.  I was wide awake for the next hour. (Thanks Mom and At&t)  But the GOOD News is- suddenly I was able to remind the tooth fairy about the need for a visit.  Had she/he forgotten- let’s just say it would have been a sad morning!

PPS. And in case you didn’t know- when your kids are in school- you discover that some kids get a hefty chunk of cash from the tooth fairy- and some don’t.  And so we learned something really important- and you parents may or may not know this very important fact:  See the “Tooth Fairy” only gets a certain amount of money each night. So depending on how many kids lose teeth that day- she may or may not have the same amount to give. So if your kid ever wonders why they didn’t get a $50 spot like Johnny…you can let them know that maybe a lot of kids lost their teeth last night…

What movtivates you?

I recently read a blog about a friend trying to lose weight. They invited friends to keep them accountable, pile on the insults- whatever it took to keep them on the bandwagon.  It’s funny to think that what motivates some will not work for others. Personally, on some things I AM motivated by outside sources- encouragement, or accountability…and then there are things that only “I” can motivate myself to do.  I’m not often moved by guilt or condemnation or insults- in fact, many times they are a turn off.   But some thrive in that way.

I’m wondering what motivates you? Usually I try to relate to others the way they need/want. But if I ever see you needing a kick in the butt to get going…how should I go about it?

It was a chilly 70…

Last night was fun out of the box night. Invited by some friends we experienced a semi-authentic cowboy cookout down at Rawhide.  Complete with a hayride, line dancing (and yes you should see my moves-though I’m pretty sure I almost went into labor out there…), marshmallows around the campfire.  Memories were made- lots of laughing. It was fun to see the night through our kids eyes.

And Lina? Well, let’s just say- she was “money” on the dance floor.  She made friends with some kids and they do-se-doed all night.  It was quite comical. I’m not sure where she gets her love to be the entertainer…but she was bowing and tipping her hat after each song- such a character.

Some shots from the night….


We have a few names but NOTHING everyone agrees on and of course we’re still getting flack from others…so I need your top 3 BOY NAMES.  Please leave a comment with a suggestion or two- Not promising we’ll pick your name, but we’d love your input AND BONUS!!!! If we do pick your name- there WILL BE a reward!

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