…a morning like this…

I never want to portray the image that life is always easy that its always smooth sailing…cause it ain’t. In fact, mornings like this morning always serve to remind me of how very human I am and how Supermom, I am definitely not.

Just when I was relishing in the fact that my two month old son has slept through the night two nights in a row (the two BEST nights of sleep I’ve has since about February…), I got out of bed. That was my first mistake. I should have pulled the covers up, rolled over and pushed snooze a few more times. Feeling pretty good after a couple nights with solid shut-eye, eating right, exercising (doing this for the last week more or less….) I step on the scale to find that all of my hard work has done absolutely nothing to the number that keeps staring back at me. It hasn’t budged…not even a pound. Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, its not about the pounds, its about your overall health…muscle weighs more than fat, yadda…yadda…yadda…While all this is factually sound, you cannot TELL me that when you step on the scale you’re not hoping or praying that your magic number will pop up…

The morning proved to be even better as I spilled coffee on myself in the car, got all the way to my mother-in-law’s house (she watches the kids on Tues/Thurs) and realized I forgot Tyler’s bottle…no bottle, no food, no happy baby. I turned around, drove home, called work told them I’d be late, got the bottle and drove back. (of course its not a far drive, but frustrating none-the-less.) I’m not going to mention all the little things that happened in between that all screamed, “Noelle, you don’t have it all together…you can’t balance all of this.”

Of course I can’t. At least not in my own strength, I do need superpowers. The wonderful people in my life who give of their love and time and talent to bless my family, the God who loves me unconditionally- all provide the affirmation and support I need to make it through each day. So, a morning like this reminds me to be thankful for all that I have- thankful that I have health, and joy and peace.

I am thankful.

My Brother Came in Contact wth a UFO

My brother called me yesterday. I looked at my caller id and knew there must be something going on. It’s not that he NEVER calls, but its pretty rare, and somehow I knew something was up. He casually says hello, like this is just an ordinary conversation, but when I asked how he was doing and he said “really good”- I knew he must have seen a UFO. He never says that, usually its “allright”, “okay”, “fine”…but NEVER “Really Good!” (with that little kick in it that says…go ahead, ask me why…) Sure enough, I was right, it was a UFO. An Unidentified Female Object.
He met a girl.

My brother, who is just a mere 15 months younger than me, hasn’t had a girlfriend in YEARS. He began to tell me about her and I could tell, he really was happy. He told me he feels nauseated all the time, can’t stop thinking about her, can’t wipe the smile off his face… Now don’t get me wrong, he’s dated different girls over the years, but I’ve never seen him like this. It made me so happy. I mean, my brother is a great guy. The kind of guy who takes his relationships to heart and puts his all into them. (friendships as well as dating…) He deserves to be loved. Anyway, as he described how he was feeling, it reminded me of when my story unfolded. I remembered the thoughts, emotions, excitement…Suddenly I felt like Monica on the Friends episode where Phoebe starts dating the cop and suddenly Monica feels like she’s got to prove that she and Chandler are still a “hot couple.”

But the truth is that relationships evolve. The giddyness is still there to a certain extent, but it is different. There is a depth that comes when you know how someone takes their coffee and you know what it means when they furrow their brow a certain way and you watch them hold your little baby in their arms, or read a story to your little girl. Time changes love, but when you are willing to work at it, it only makes it stronger, deeper, and giddyness gives way to passion, and nausea gives way to security, and the smile sometimes gives way to tears, or laughter, or anger, and you find yourself still holding hands with your best friend.


I just wanted to take a moment to share with anyone who reads this how proud I am of someone very special… She has been a part of my life for several years now. I think one of the best things about her is that she is so real, when you meet her there are NO masks, she really lets you know her. I can say that I’ve watched her in some of life’s biggest challenges and she has taken these challenges and used them to grow stronger and stronger…I don’t think she really even knows how strong she is. She gives with a genuine heart and truly loves those people in her life. If you become her friend she will definitely put her heart into it, and it is a beautiful heart at that. She is a giving and loving person and a strong woman of faith. I am proud of her, proud to be her friend, and proud of what God is doing in her heart and life.

Let me introduce you to my friend,

Florida Chick, you are awesome.

& recent days

Life has been crazy, I’ve been more of a blogger because I’m now back at work- so I’m sitting down at a desk all day long again…Today was a huge event in our city for the kids, our church gave away close to 800 bottles of water to thirsty participants. It was fun…Tyler is growing like a weed- The Girl is such a little lady. Her great Aunt gave her a necklace this week from Tiffany & Co. so now she’s all into her “necklace”. She told me the other day, “Mom, I don’t want to grow up. I don’t want you to become a grandma.” When I asked why she said “I want to stay the same size, I want you to be my mom.” She’s really trying to figure out the world around her. It is so neat to see the amazing things she learns daily.

Need a Break from Reality?

Sometimes I need a break from reality to remind me that:

God is still on the throne
Sleep will eventually come
Schedules do slow down
Time flies SO fast that I must make the most of each moment and not get bogged down with the menial things that try to suck up my time.

So to take a mental vacation, I’d like to pose a question and give you my response…Certain songs always make me happy- I can’t tell if its the tune, the words, the overall feel but I always smile, when I hear the following songs:

Anything by UB40 (especially Red, Red Wine & Can’t Help Falling in Love)
Isn’t She Lovely- Stevie Wonder
Eternal Flame- The Bangles
More Than Words- Extreme (as well as the Weird Al Parody of the same song)
Bust a Move- ??? Don’t know who sings this song…
I Saw the Sign- Ace of Base
Livin on Love- Alan Jackson (oh and that song that goes, “way down yonder on the chatawhatever…)
Don’t Take The Girl- A country artist (Tim McGraw?)
Whoomp There It Is!
Summertime- Will Smith

Maybe some of these songs remind me of my younger days when life was carefree and summer was here, the beach, the friends….ah….good times.

What songs make you happy? and/or What was your favorite summer activity/memory?

Falling even more in love…

some recent pics

27 from here on out…

Ok, Ok, I’m alive- and no longer pregnant.

In summary of the last few weeks:

I used to think I didn’t want to share my birthday with anyone, especially a child…now I’m happy that my son was born on my day…The nurses all told me that now he gets all the Bdays and I stay 27 forever. Fine by me. I also think its kind of cool that he waited for me. Already a mammas boy.

I used to be unsure about having a “boy”. I knew girls, I was a girl, but boys…that was uncharted territory that I wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle. Now, 2 1/2 weeks later I love having a son. I can’t imagine life without this little boy.

I used to be worried that I wouldn’t be able to love two kids. I mean, I loved The Girl with my whole heart, I didn’t know how there would be room for another, I knew I’d like him, but wasn’t sure I could love him as MUCH as her. A wise person told me that they come from heaven with their own love. That is the truth. My heart didn’t have to make room for The Boy, my heart expanded. Our life is that much richer, that much fuller, and that much more complete. (The nights however are another story, there is nothing rich about waking up every couple hours…)

Finally, I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE the fact that I am no longer pregnant. Life is so much sweeter holding my son on the outside rather than the inside.

Thanks for your patience. I will post pictures as soon as I get new batteries for my camera…It’s been getting a lot of use and is currently dead. :)



So don’t ask.

A Life Update

So, with a mere 20 days left of the 9 month marathon I’ve been on, I’m feeling pretty good! I have so much to be thankful for. There are so many amazing people in my life, the “shout out” list could go on and on. As each day passes the excitment and anticipation mounts. While there is much left to be done in order to have EVERYTHING in order, I can hardly wait.

With the help of my friend The Bird Whisperer we tackled the Big Sister room for The Girl last weekend. It turned out spectacularly! She loves her “apple” green walls and her bedding goes so well. The room has a fresh feel and is really fun. We still have some finishing touches-

The “nursery” is the next designers challenge- The Fashion Queen is the brains behind this operation. She selected the fabric for the bedding and is now undergoing the sewing project. It looks so great! I’m taking a couple days off work next week to get that room in order and then we should be somewhat set for The Boy’s fast approaching arrival.

I was showered with blessings and gifts for the baby by my family and friends – everyone is was so generous…

Tomorrow we’ll head out for a last minute overnite get-away to Sedona. I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty that I’ve heard so much about.

Other than that not much is going on in our neck of the woods, and that is fine by me…I’ve got a full plate for now!

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